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Five Easy Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Five Easy Tips to Prevent Holiday


Weight Gain


The tempting treats of the Holiday Season threaten to expand our waistlines with useless added weight. Find out how to avoid Holiday weight gain, or lose weight quickly and easily with these five simple tips.

As you skip from one holiday party to the next, you may find it difficult to avoid munching on each little treat that’s presented to you, but it’s best to learn how to say no. While enjoying the season’s special culinary offerings is certainly a treat, do you really want to add holiday weight gain to your list of seasonal stressors?

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain – Five Simple Tips


Avoid becoming a statistic with these five easy tricks!



1. Move it to lose it.

 Make exercise the cornerstone of your holiday festivities. Whatever your plans are, be sure to incorporate some form of exercise. Practically everything you do can include heart-healthy, calorie-blasting activity, whether that includes cutting down a Christmas tree, playing in the snow, or taking an evening walk. Make it fun by getting your family and friends together to go caroling around the neighborhood, go skiing, snowboarding or even snow shoeing. But don’t forget to continue maintaining your regular exercise routine either! Exercise will help you avoid catching the flu, and it will give you the upper hand in burning off all the added calories you consume from the special holiday treats that you’re bound to indulge in.

2. Have snack before the party starts.

Forget about looking up holiday weight gain statistics and worrying yourself to sleep by avoiding packing on the pounds in the first place! Make healthy food choices, include moderation in your consumption, and avoid going overboard on the unhealthy items and you won’t even have to worry about participating in any sort of holiday weight loss challenge. While it may seem counter intuitive that snacking more often could be healthy, or help you lose holiday weight, you’ll be effectively nipping the problem in the bud by avoiding it altogether! Try an apple, a handful of nuts, a small bowl of broth-based soup, or something else both tasty and nutrient rich before those dinner parties. Pre-party snacks will help reduce that roaring appetite, allowing you to manage your food intake at a much more acceptable level, and at the same time help prevent you from getting sick!

3. Hydrate early and often.

 Be sure to drink plenty of water. Not only do the winter months tend to dry out your skin, but they can also leave you dehydrated if you’re not drinking enough water. Consuming 8 full glasses of water a day helps keep the body performing properly and will prevent you from confusing thirst with hunger. If you find yourself saying “I need to lose weight fast,” simply drink a full glass of water about twenty minutes before every meal. By taking up space in your stomach, the water helps to curb your appetite and will help you feel satiated by eating smaller portions.

4. Be selective.

It’s especially hard to avoid weight gain during the Holidays because of the wide variety of treats on offer. But if you can limit your intake to a few select favorites, you’ll be better suited to avoid packing on the pounds. There’s no point indulging in your not-so-favorite goodies when you’re presented with so many first-rate options, so only eat the treats that are truly worth it. Better yet, try to limit yourself to a single serving, and do your part to help bring down the average holiday weight gain statistics. The rest of society will thank you!

5. Out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t torment yourself by keeping a jar of cookies on your counter, or a candy stash at your desk. The best way to overcome temptation is to avoid it altogether. If there’s a single holiday weight gain fact, it’s this – if you don’t have access to unhealthy food, you are less likely to pack on additional pounds. Leave the dish of hard candies and boxes of chocolates at work in a communal area. It’ll be devoured by those souls less fortunate than you, who haven’t stumbled their way to this Blog! And if someone presents you with an edible gift, be polite by giving it a try, but give what’s left away before you’re tempted to devour the rest.

Abide by these holiday weight loss tips and start the New Year off in good health! While your friends are frantically scribbling out New Years resolutions in an attempt to shed the additional Holiday pounds, you can lay back by the fire place, relax, and enjoy the beginning to 2011. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to all of our readers!


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