I worked at 24 Hour Fitness for over 4 years and every year around this time we got super busy. Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution to get in shape equaled big bucks for our memebership sales staff. By February the gym would almost be back to normal.  By march it would be a Ghost Town with just the regulars.

“According to the International Health Club


Association, 50% of all new health club


members quit within the first six months of


signing up and 90% of those who join health


and fitness clubs will stop going regularly


within the first 90 days. “


So why don’t people stick to their


1. Boerd

Most people go to the gym and do cardio for about an hour and leave.  Besides being not that effective that is a very boring way to get fit.  First you have to fight for a treadmill, then after spending 8 hours doing boring repetitive movements at work you go to the gym and do the same for another hour.  Most people will do this for a couple weeks and end it.

Solution: Mix it up! Do cardio outside and set a destination or mileage goal.  This will keep you on task and you will see your results as you start going further, faster , and easier.

2.  Lack of Motivation

Motivation is a huge part of long term success.  I’m a trainer and gym owner and I have trouble finding “time to workout”.  Most people can get themselves to the gym for a couple weeks tops but after that it takes alot of dicipline and accountability that most people just don’t have.  For this reason even I have my own trainer/coach to make me do the things I don’t want to do.  Think about it, if everyone had the will power to do it on their own then why would pro athletes need coaches?  Also its alot easier to stay motivated if you have a goal in mind besides just weight

Solution: Work out with a friend, trainer, or group,  People don’t workout alone will stick with a program typically 6 months longer then those who go it alone.

3.  Unrealistic Goals



There is nothing unrealistic about wanting to look like these people, however it is unrealistic to expect to get there in 30days. I tell all my clients fitness is alot like a college course; if you go to every class and study every night for two hours you will almost always get an A and probably the highest grade in the class.  The same is true for the gym, if you do everything PERFECT you will see absolutely amazing results.  The problem is life happens and people will not study an hour a night and they will not do eat all the perfect foods and thats ok.  So when you are setting your goals try to stay away from weight or appearance goals and try instead to set performance goals.  Saying you want to try to finish a half marathon will probably get you in better bikin shape then saying you want to focus on losing 10 lbs.

SOLUTION:Set short and long term goals that will help you to get in shape along the way.  Perfect example “I want to be able to do 10 full pushups by the end of the month, and I want to be able to do 100 pushups by June.  If you work at this you will see results that will keep you motivated and you’ll still be getting in better shape.



Most people don’t know enough about exercise and weight loss to reach their goals and they stop exercising.  The average female will tell you she doesn’t want to get big and thats why she doesn’t lift weights( which is sooo wrong) and the average guy will lift way too much with bad technique and totall avoid cardio (also bad).  There is soo much misinformation floating around that people are all confused.  They are cutting all their carbs(bad), wearing sauna suits(bad), and taking crazy weight loss pills (also bad).  The bottom line is nothing replaces hard work and good nutrition but work smarter not harder.  If you don’t know how to do something then learn.  Read some books, ask a personal trainer, take a class.

SOLUTION:  If you need knowledge find credible sources. (the guy on steroids in the gym is not a credible sources).  Ask or hire a personal trainer, read a book and consult multiple sources.  If something sounds too good to be true and doesn’t have hard work then its fake.

5. Not Enough Time

Every year some people start training with me and they do great and then they disappear.  When I call them I get the answer “I just don’t have time to workout”.  Pardon my language but that is a BS excuse.  People get busy, kids, work, friends, and any number of things but people need to prioritize exercise.” Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby. Look at it this way if there are 24 hours in a day, you work 8 hours (9 with travel), then you sleep 8 hours, that is 16 hours.  Ok so where is the other 8 at?  Ask yourself  how many TV Shows you made time for this week?  What kind of shape would you be in if you “made” that kind of time for exercise.

Solution: Look at your schedule and see where can you make exercise a part of your day.  Don’t get derailed by holidays, and changes in schedule.  If you know something is coming up plan around it.  Remember if you can’t make it into the gym you can still do exercise at home or anywhere!


This year spend a few minutes to write your goals down, and then make a plan on how to get there.  How will you stay entertained?  How will you stay accountable?  Do you have all the knowledge you need?  When will you work out?  What are your performance goals?  If you get stuck on one of these email me and we can talk.

Committed you Your Success

Justin Lesh

President AHM Fitness



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