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Easy Ways to Eat Healthy at Superbowl Parties!

How to Eat Healthy at a Superbowl Party

By Katherine Huether, eHow Contributor
Yes, it's possible to eat healthy at a Superbowl Party.

Yes, it’s possible to eat healthy at a Superbowl Party.
How to Eat Healthy at a Superbowl Party

Superbowl parties aren’t exactly known for their healthy food choices. Chili. Nachos. Pizza. Chips. Beer. OK, I admit-having these things once in a while is not a big deal. But even if you do serve the standard foods at your Superbowl party-you can at least offer healthy options as well.

And serving is the easy part. What if you’re at a Superbowl party and you’re the guest? Here are some tips for making choices that don’t have to compromise your healthy diet-or your waistline.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Low fat foods
  • Low calorie foods
  1. Eat a little something before you leave. A cup of soup, a small salad, even a smoothie can go a long way to prevent irresponsible munching.
  2. Bring a healthy dish to the party like a fresh fruit plate, veggies and dip or low-fat chips and dip. That way you can at least find something to eat that won’t blow your healthy eating habit.
  3. It’s OK to indulge. If you have healthy eating habits most of the time, one day to not worry about what you eat is not going to compromise your health. The problem is if you eat like that all the time.
  4. If you decide to sample some of the goodies-you don’t need to go out of control. If you balance those foods with the healthy options-you won’t be completely sabotaging your healthy diet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do decide to eat only healthy foods, there’s no need to call attention to it at the party; you can do it discreetly. If you make a big deal of it, there’s always the chance your friends may try to pressure you into eating foods you don’t want to eat

Healthy Super Bowl Party



Wondering what to serve at your Super Bowl party? Look no further! We’ve rounded up a variety of healthy Super Bowl party recipes that everyone will enjoy!

Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings

Super Healthy Hummus

Pineapple, Onion and Bacon Pizza

SP_Stepf’s Skinny Cheese Fondue

Smoky White Bean Dip

Baked Tortilla Chips

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Yummy Baked Onion Dip

Easy Black Bean Burger

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Roast

OMG it’s Tofu Queso

Chef Meg’s Skinny Fiesta Dip with Baked Lime Chips

Let me know how if this helps.
Committed to your success.
Justin Lesh
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