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AHM’s 6 Week Before and Afters

AHM’s 6 Week Before and

Afters Promotion

AHM held a six week contest for its members to lose the most body fat and inches possible in 6 weeks.  We had 7 members weigh in, first in February and then again last week.  Out of those people there was a total of over 100lbs and over 100 inches lost. They did amazing.

Here are some of the contestants before and afters.

Winner #1 Janette.

Jeanette started at with AHM in Sept at 176lbs.  She had never worked out a day in her life.  Now she runs miles for breakfast.  She weighed in at a lean mean 140 last week.

Winner #2 Juan

Juan is on a path to completely change his life.  When he first started he was pretty heavy, out of shape.  Now he is down almost 40 lbs, in the last 6 weeks he lost 8 inches just off his WAIST!!  He just completed his first 5k and his goal is to do an Iron Man by the time he is 30.  I’m so excited and proud to watch his ongoing progress.

Serious Contender Eric

Eric’s first day at the gym was very interesting.  He had never worked out…ever.  He was a little(alot) uncordinated.  He had just quit smoking and could barely run to the bathroom let alone a lap or a mile.  He almost passed out his first day of training.  But then he got better, and stronger, and faster and more dedicated.  Six weeks later he is by far one of the fastest guys in the gym.  In the contest he lost 6 inches from his waist!! Every day he continues to impress me.

Serious Contender Steve

Steve prides himself on being one of the strongest guys in the gym (if you couldn’t tell from the pic )  but he is on his way to being one of the fittest too.  In our six week contest he lost 10lbs  and almost 6 inches off his waist.  He just ran his first nonstop half mile since JR HIGH.

Since AHM contestants lost over 100 lbs and inches we, for the

whole month of April, are offing $100 off the first month of

memebership for all new members.  If you want results like this

then you need to take advantage of this special!!




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