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AHM Presents Underground Yoga

Guys I am so excited to announce the next project AHM is undertaking!

In February AHM took a chance and decided to bring on Yoga instructor Judie Akansel to teach a few classes.  We weren’t sure if it was going to be a good mix for our crazy AHM clients.

To our surprise our customers loved the class and loved Judie.  Every time I asked people what we could do better I get the answer “more yoga!!”.  My business philosophy has always been to give customers what they want.  So in response to all demands for Yoga AHM is proud to present

Underground Yoga will be a stand alone Yoga Studio built around the style and feel of our current yoga classes. It will be located in the same parking lot as AHM We will be offering all the standard staples of a yoga studio but adding the amenities and services that make AHM unique. Here is just few of the amenities included in membership:

  • Expert Instruction built around head instructor Judie Akansel
  • Towel Service.
  • Multiple Instructors assisting in each class.
  • A Local Artist Wall that changes each month.
  • A monthly art gallery with complimentary wine tasting.
  • Monthly local musician concerts
  • Unique decor
  • impeccably clean facilities

These are just a few things that are on the list, we have thousands of ideas and plans that will make Underground Yoga not only the best place to practice yoga but an awesome place to be!

Underground Yoga is slated to open June

1st but pre sale will begin MAY 11th.  Stay

tuned to Ugyoga.com for more

announcements and to see all the cool

things going on.

Feel free to talk to Justin or Judie about all that is going on.  We will be announcing info on membership, pricing, and schedule shortly.

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